Saturday, March 21, 2009

spRinG iN utAh!

What a difference a day makes. After 38 years I am still amazed each spring how one day differs from another. Here are some pictures for example.

Day 1

Day 2
Now I just have to remember this when I am feeling sorry for myself. I try to show gratitude everyday, but I am unfortunately a little pessimistic at heart. Just for the record I love snow and I love the sun. I am grateful to live in a climate with seasonal changes. I am so amazed by my friends blogs. Even when they are going through some very stressful things, they are so positive. Thank you all for your awesome blogs they brighten my day. Hopefully your opptomism will rub off on me!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

haPpy biRthDay daDdy!

Happy Birthday to a great Dad and Husband! Roger is turning 41 today! Wow! We will have been married 18 years in June, that is almost half Roger's life. I am sure some days it feels like the years have flown, and other days it seems like we have been together forever! Madee came home sick from school today, I think she may have just wanted to go to lunch with Dad!:)(except she did have a low grade fever) I feel so blessed to have a husband that loves being a dad and spending time with his family! I hope he has a wonderful day! We love you DAD!
Rog and Mitch on top of Benlomond Peak and Rog and the girls after going on Wicked...Mom and Mitch passed!
Roger , Rylee, Watermelon, 4th of July!
Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.
Just a few fun pictures with dad!

Monday, March 2, 2009

juSt a LitTle cHocoLate!

Most people who know me, know I like chocolate. I can pass up some desserts, I save the calories for chocolate. I NEVER pass up a chocolate dessert. This doesn't help with my goal to lose weight again this year, but I tend to think it helps with my goal to be more patient!:)

For my birthday last year my In Laws gave me a 50lb bag of chocolate chips! Then for Christmas they gave me a 50lb bag of chocolate chips! Yes! 100lbs of chocolate chips! Believe it or not we will use them (not sure how long it will take, I am interested and scared to find out). My kids are like little mice taking handfuls out of the container. Hmm, wonder where they got that from! My father in law says they have chocolate flowing through their veins! Little miss Rylee knows where the chocolate chip container is and has figured out how to open it! Here she is camped out in the baking drawer having just a little chocolate! :)

I hope you all get your little piece of chocolate today!