Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1 yEaR mArK...tHe ISLAND AWAITS!!!

So on April 3rd Elder Mitchell Schroeder reached his year mark! When I commented that his hump day was bitter sweet, he respond..."yeah I don´t know if I say bitter sweet or just fast as crap. haha  the day rolled around and litterally I thought  Já!!!!!!  (already?) " 
We are so grateful that he is enjoying his mission & not ready to come home. However, grateful that the last year flew by! :)
We are so PROUD of his POSITIVE attitude. He did send an email a few weeks ago that was showing a little struggle here is a blurb...
Sometimes it´s hard to be a missionary. Conference was EPIC Elder Hollands talk was pumping and chiea de faca (Full of knife or telling you what you´re doing wrong) and preparation. so good!  Even with it freezing every couple of minutes and taking twice as long to watch, while also helping the members figure out why the satélite transmission wasn´t working and resorting to using the branch president's CP it´s was good and the spirt filled our little chaple to the brim.
Things with my comp still get heated at times kus our personalities just don´t mesh that well, but I´m working on not sweating the little things.. like him putting brocoli in everything and not liking the fact that I don´t like brocoli in everything. haha  also everyday we get more and more rules, but being obidient brings blessings even when you don´t understand why Disney music is band. haha  It's wonderful!

Two Elders from Cape Verde Africa

Hmm Food?


Mountains Castelo Branco

The Island Awaits!!!

New Island Apartment

Ignoring that his bed is not made! :)

What a Blessing!!!

On April !4th he got transferred to the Azores. He is in a city called Ribeira Grande on the island of Sao Miguel. He says so far in his city Island life & the food is much the same as it was in Portugal.
We are so excited for him to have this opportunity. We miss him, but we are so proud of him!
We love this missionary so much! Thank you for your prayers!