Monday, September 30, 2013


Mission time is so crazy! I can't believe, Elder Mitchell Schroeder has been out six months. It has gone by so fast & yet it also seems he has been gone forever! This is what I said to Mitch in his letter this week, this is his response & what he has been up to.

Yeah mission time is way crazy 1 day it feels like I've been here an eternity another it doesn´t. When I look at how much time has passed I'm like wow! Then I look at how much I have left and yeah you can guess what I think. haha.  I have been asked if I have met Sister Dumas but I haven´t. I know she went to bonneville, but I never knew her.  Parabens on the straight A´s girls, that is always good!  The amazing race sounds awesome I'm way bummed I can´t watch it.  oh well.  

 This week has been great.  We've found a lot of new people  to talk to, but none of them give us the right address or phone number.  Elder  Brown & I think that if people took as much effort in hearing what we´ve got ot say as they do lieing to us this entire country would be lds.  They are really good at telling us the right street, but the address doesn´t exist on that street, so i guess it doesn´t even necessarily mean it´s the right street now does it...
          We´ve got 1 investgator right now name Danielson.  He's from Cape verde and really wants to get baptized the only problem is that he doesn´t know for sure if he wants to marry his girlfriend Catia who just had a baby( named Clara)  and whom he currently lives with.  He´s marked for sunday, but we haven'tt been able to get in contact with him and are pretty sure he´s not married yet.  We are going by his house tommarrow so we´ll work it all out then.  
      We had district conference this week and a member of the 70 and President Fluckiger  gave talks.  I don´t remember the 70´s name so I can´t tell you sorry.  District conference is just like stake conference except we´re currently not big enough to be a stake so we´re a district.  We are next up to become a stake we  just need 24 more M priesthood holders.  Finding men is a bit difficult though, they are more closed then women.  So I can´t think of anything else this week really, no funny rejections, no one tried to rob us.  Oh, we did have a guy named Ishameal do something funny.  We rung his button for his apartment and when we said we are disciples of Jesus Christ and we are here to say a prayer to bless you and your family.  He promptly said "you´re lieing to me"  and hung up.  We didn´t know how to react, but then he actally came to the entrance of the apartment building and when we told him the same thing he said ok.  So hopefully he works out.

We had divisions this week.  I went to Faro A the other area in this city with Elder Fernades and taught 2 really awesome lessons with 2 of their investigators. That was fun!  Then, on Friday after zone conference. We had a division with the Assistant to the President..  I went with Elder Palmer and we found this 16 year old kid named Rui who´s way sick, we are going to try an pass him today.  Elder Palmer was my district leader for my 1st 2 transfers, don´t know if you remember me telling you about him.

Well that´s all, Love you mom, Have a great week!

We love him, we are so proud of him, & miss him so much!
Feel free to send prayers his way!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This weeks letter brought the news of Elder Schroeder's first transfer. He left his last area with a bang! Last Sunday Sept 8th he & his companion had their first baptism. They worked with this investigator for many weeks, his mother insisted on feeding them almost daily, it was a great experience, ending in his baptism. Mitchell said it was the coolest baptism he has ever seen. They actually baptized him in the ocean, which is not very common, what a great blessing!
The previous Sunday...Mitchell & his comp got permission(I was relieved to find out) :) to get a ride home with three Brazilian investigators. He called them eternal investigators, because they come to church each week even though they are not members. On the way home they received a call & were invited to a birthday party, they said thank you, but no they could not attend because they had their maninos(little boys) with them. The hostess said to bring them along, so as Mitchell put it he & his comp were taken against their will to a birthday party where almost everyone was drunk. Luckily after about an hour they decided to take them home. They had made it almost home, when they pulled into a random corn field. The three women jumped out of the car, leaving the missionaries, and proceeded to grab as much corn as they could carry and ran back to the car. They tried to get away quickly but ran into a hole. Mitchell & his companion had no choice but to help them push the car out. They were so grateful, they insisted on fixing them dinner of Liver & (stolen)corn on the cob! Knowing my picky eater son, who hates most meat & corn on the cob, I asked if he actually ate it. He said he ate the liver but could not physically eat the corn! I told him he was crazy for being able to eat the liver but not the corn! He said the liver tasted like regular meat, to which I replied how on earth do you know what regular meat tastes like! He is definately learning some new eating habits! I am so proud! 
Emailing back & forth is the HIGHLIGHT of my week!
He was transferred to the southern tip of Portugal to a town called Faro, here are some pictures we downloaded. I will post some of his as soon as I get them. His companion is Elder Brown from SLC and he is quite tall. He seems excited for this new adventure!