Saturday, November 14, 2009

WOW! A busy 30 days!

We loved Halloween and enjoyed the warm weather! Here are some pics of our zombie Cheerleader, Little Red Riding hood & the cutest Tinkerbell ever!

Rylee had her 2nd birthday November 2nd. We can't believe she is two already. We love her so much we had no plan to have her so late in life(we are old you know), but we wouldn't know what to do with out her!

These pictures were taken after her nap...

Rylee moved into her big girl bed today! I am not sure she is ready and I am deffinately not ready, but Madee has hated sleeping downstairs and could not wait to get the bunk beds back. Rylee seems very excited so hopefully she will adjust and be able to stay in bed!

I can't believe how fast October flew by...I wish November would slow down! I am having a hard time keeping up. I hope you all had a fun filled Halloween!