Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last week my Inlaws took my kids & thier cousins shopping for things to donate to the DI. They also had several baby quilts that the kids had helped tie troughout the year to donate. My mother-in-law said that the kids were so good and thoughtful, and did not ask for one thing for themselves. What a blessing they are to me, my inlaws and my kids!
Last weekend we went to visit my sister. We had the opportunity to do some baptisms at the Rexburg temple. They told us that they did not take appointments on saturdays & to come whenever we wanted. When we got there at 10:30am there was a three hour wait, and people were waiting. I hate waiting at a light for three minutes! We did not wait because our little ones were at home but we did get to go to the Idaho Falls temple and had a great experience!
This picture was taken last february when we went to the dedication. How beautiful, Rexburg is very blessed!
My sister and I always thought we would get married and have kids together. We are only 18month apart in age. But, when I got married at 20 and had kids two years later, and she did not get married until she was 39, we knew it would not happen. Little did I know I would have a baby at 37 and she would have a baby at 39. We are so Blessed!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WaY toO muCh FuN!

HapPy BiRthDaY rYleE!
Yesterday was Rylee's 1st Birthday! I know I am a broken record becuase I say time goes to fast, but I can't believe it! However, she does get cuter every day! I made the butterfly cake for her birthday, and then I made the little pink cake so she could have her very own cake to dig into. She wasn't much of a digger though, she was very dainty and lady like. She started by using one finger and licking the frosting, she did get a few bites of cake, but the cake pretty much stayed in tact. My other kids demolished thier little cakes. She loved her train that grandma and grandpa gave her, she climbed all over it! She can walk behind it or ride it. She prefers to be pushed all over the house on it, doing things for yourself is not for princesses!(she'll learn:)

Happy Halloween! I love fall and Halloween. Maridee and Madee carved their all by them selves with a little help from dad doing the gutting. Rylee really enjoyed carving pumpkins, she actually ate the pumpkin. She tried a seed or two, but with only two teeth, she had little success!

This is the first year my oldest really hasn't dressed up. He wore his skeleton shirt to school, and the mask was to wear later to scare trick or treaters when they came to our house. Him and his friend also made a dummy to throw off the roof, but it didn't work so well, he ended having a video game party in the basement. I wish he didn't have the mask on in the picture! My Rock star, cowgirl and little lady bug look pretty darn cute though!