Thursday, April 2, 2009

kiDs sAy thE funNieSt tHinGs!

When Mitchell and Maridee were little I bought the cutest Anne Geddes day planners and wrote down some of the cute things they said and did. I also did the same for Madee in her darling Pooh Bear baby book. I have not come across a baby book I just love for Rylee. She has two scrapbooks I am working on. Being inspired again by one of my blogger friends I decided to make a book for Rylee to write down all the things she is saying. I found a great 2 year planner and decorated it for her. I thought I would share it with you.

This is the front cover and inside cover. The plaque reads, May you never lose your sense of Wonder.
These are a few devider pages within the planner.
I am so glad I wrote things down. My girls were reading their books yesterday and some of the things I had forgotten. Most I remembered and it brought back fun memories.