Monday, November 17, 2014

Monte de Caparica

Great way to start a new Area!
Wow! Time goes so is a blessing! Mitchell is now serving in Monte de Caparica, across the river from Lisbon. He transferred there on September 29th, his comp was Elder Luebke from Orem Utah. They got along great! Two boys from Utah how could they not! They only had one quick transfer together. Elder Luebke is now in Madeira the southern most island in Portugal.

Mitchell is staying in Monte de Caparica, his new comp Elder Burt is from St. George. Mitchell is nervous to be a District Leader again and a trainer, Elder Burt is a greenie straight from the MTC.
Mitch says Elder Burt is much bigger than he imagined & way cool. He is fresh out of high school and knows a ton of music & movies that Mitch has never heard of! :) Elder Burt has also seen an Xbox 1 so his life is complete! Mitch saw his 1st playstation 4 yesterday, it blew his mind that they actually do exist! Haha

Mitchell was most excited that Elder Burt got to have Elder Quinten L. Cook visit their mission on his second day in the mission field! His favorite part was when Elder Cook gave a blessing to all of the missionaries families. The spirit was at it's strongest! He also gave a message about being who the Lord needs you to be, not who you are. It really made him think!

He says he misses snow so much, but it's all good rain is ok! He said he spent the vast majority of his last week with the elders in Costa de Caparica & slept on the ground. It was good, not too many spiders! HaHa! He and Elder Burt spent his first night on the Elder's couches so they would not be late to see Elder Cook!

They are excited to be in Monte most of the time this week & are excited for an awesome week!

What an example this kid is to me! I learn so much from his positive attitude! When I mentioned in my letter how nervous I was about the primary program, he plainly said it will all work out! He also basically said if I can do this for two years & eat octopus, you can make it through! He was right!

A friend of mine has a daughter serving in Spain...she is returning home in 21days! She has had an incredible mission! My friend found out yesterday, that her missionary had been hit by a car! THANKFULLY she is doing WELL. She amazingly has no broken bones, but did get pretty bruised & a nice blood clot under her skull that they are monitoring. She has the option to come home now, but is planning on staying the full 21days.

How BLESSED I feel as a missionary mom for my son's SAFETY & HEALTH!
I can also testify to all of you that as a missionary mom we feel your prayers & are so thankful for them!