Monday, July 1, 2013


I know it doesn't seem possible but today was Mitchell's 7th P-Day since arriving in Portugal! He did not get transferred last week, but he did get a new companion. He said he got to sit in the train station all day waiting for him. We didn't get our email from him until 7:30pm his time...that was a long day! :) 

His new companion is Elder Cunningham from Nampa  Idaho. I asked how long he has been out, but got no answer yet. He shared in his letter last week that the Church got the final approval to move meetings to a building closer to the city. The current one is about an hour outside the city, so many of the members are inactive, as most of them do not have cars. They are so excited and hoping that this will help their work immensly! 
He also shared a story, that he and his companion Elder Ricks were walking past a car that they thought was empty, when a guy yelled, "voces tem um livro para mim? Which means you have a book for me? They looked at each other, after being scared out of their wits and said, "sim nos temos!" Which means yes we have. They got his address and are going to get to his small town as soon as they can. This is proving difficult since they have to walk every where, they can't just quickly run over there....this would drive me crazy! We can pray that things will work out for all of them!
He also talked about one investigator that they are trying to help stop smoking & drinking. It is difficult. He said that they bought him some oranges & taped  scriptures on them. I guess they heard that if you are feeling the urge to smoke and eat an orange it will help. But, their investigator left the oranges in the cafe. :(
Wow, as a mom it is difficult not to get discouraged for him!
I am so proud of him! I know I am suppose to be ever positive, but I miss him so much!
We think of him & pray for him continually!!! We appreciate any prayers sent his way!1

If anyone seeing this wants to write him a letter ...
 Elder Mitchell James Schroeder
 Portugal Lisbon Mission
 Apartoda 40054
 1500 Lisbon

Here are some pictures he sent...
Torres Vedras the city where he is living

The building where they hold Church Meetings

His companion Elder Ricks & his Kitchen!

His Zone in the MTC 12 of the 53 missionaries to arrive in Portugal the same day (2 elders are missing) :)