Monday, May 27, 2013

We got our weekly letter from Mitchell. He ate cod & said it wasn't too bad! I think he is going to be ok! He says they mostly eat rice, cereal & bread! This is shocking for my carb eater.:) they also have a Pizza Hut & a McDonalds in their small town! He said his 1 bedroom appartment is about the size of Rylee & mad's bedroom. He has a washer, but no dryer. He is still adjusting to all of the walking. He also says it is difficult to get people to talk them. Feel free to send prayers his way!

Monday, May 20, 2013

1st week

Finally got an email from Mitchell! He did actually make it there safely. He said that traveling there was the longest experience of his life, but it went well.
Since there were 41missionaries from Provo & 15 from Spain they could not go to the mission home. They spent the first night in a hotel, fun fact about that it was the first place church was held in all of Portugal!
He then said after a NOT so GOOD tasting dinner & breakfast they found out where they would serve & who their companions are. He is in an area called Torres Verdrus. It is a small town outside Lisbon, and about 5 miles from the coast. His companion is Elder Ricks.
He cut his email short because the place was closing.
It was a short letter but full of fun stuff! We are so excited to hear from him. We love him so much & are so proud!
For those of you who don't know & want to check it out he has a profile.