Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The GOOD, the BAD, & the UGLY!!!

This past weekend was full of all three!

The GOOD! madee(my 10 yr old) and I did a 6mile hike with some friends.
During our planning we never discussed how long of a hike we were going to do...so 6miles was a little surprising...but we did it!!! I feel so blessed that we can physically do such a thing!

The BAD! Mitchell and his cute girlfriend broke up. I have to admit I thought they were too young to be so serious, but we loved her to death. I know they will be fine, but my heart aches for them. It really sucks watching your kids hurt!

The UGLY! The stiffness that set in on Sunday after the hike...trying to do stairs...getting up and down and sitting through church...going to the bathroom! It was not pretty...but after a 1hr spin class on mon and a 1 hr combat class today i am almost back to normal! Phew!