Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SumMeR fuN!

Ok I have been a terrible blogger! On June 18th my beautiful daughter Maridee celebrated her 13th birthday! We had a fun day going to lunch and getting her nails done. Maridee is my right hand gal! I could not live without her! When madee was born Maridee was her second mom(at age 4)! Now she is really a life saver with Rylee!

After our fun day we headed to the Manti pageant and Arches National Park as a family. We had so much fun. The pageant was awesome and Arches was beautiful. After a week of rain, Arches was very hot, but we had a blast!

Maridee and I went to girls camp (Surviver) the first week of June.We survived the hike in four inches of mud, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. We had a great time. I tried really hard to be a leader and not mom so much...

Mitchell is in Marching band this year, so we have had fun going to parades and watching him play. He plays the trombone. We are so proud of him. Rylee loves the parades especially the candy and feels that she should eat it as fast as she can pick it up! Madee also did a cheer camp so we got to see Mitch play and Madee cheer in the same parade. Fun Times!

I hope you are all having a safe and fun filled summer!